Aircraft Leasing

Fly Arkansas, LLC has a premier aircraft leasing divison that is capable of providing aircraft up to light business jets. We specialize in mid-range piston twins and also cater to flight schools needing supplemental fleet or worry-free aircraft. We also lease aircraft to government organizations for their enforcement, survey, and research needs.

Fly Arkansas, LLC Leased Cessna 310R
Our aircraft leases are tailored for each individual customer because everyone's needs are different. We can do short and long term leases depending on what the customer desires. Our leases also are flexible with insurance, maintanence, and utilization requirements.

Do you have a need for an aircraft lease? Please give us a call at (888) 381-8078 or email us at today!

The following aircraft are available immediately...

Aircraft Year Aircraft Model Lease Type
2002 Cessna Citation Encore Short/Long
1977 Cessna Citation I/SP Short/Long
2007 Cirrus SR20G2-GTS Short/Long
1971 Cessna 150L Short/Long
1968 Cessna 182L Short/Long